Linking up to Mobile Devices

When I first got Glass I was attaching it to an iPhone to see how the linkages would work. However, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be doing much with the iPhone because a) I couldn’t download the MyGlass app (Android only) ¬†and b) I wasn’t about to give up my unlimited data plan from AT&T just so I could enable tethering. As a result, up till now most of my experiments with Glass have relied on wireless.

One thing you can do is hook glass to a phone and use it as a glorified bluetooth headset. Since I only have a few contacts in my Glass’s special login I can only call a few people this way, but given my non-use of the voice call feature on my phone anyway this isn’t much of an issue. I did get a call from someone when I was testing, however, and had the interesting experience of hearing the caller buzz their works into my skull via the headset. This works ok in a quiet setting but I’m not sure how effective it would be for a call of more than a few moments duration in a louder environment. But I don’t really use bluetooth headsets in general, relying on speaker for those moments in the car, etc. when I need to take a call.

Sidenote: I really can’t imagine it is a good idea to drive with this thing. Some auto manufacturer is already building cars with Glass support built in. Really? This seems like a profoundly bad idea.

Anyway, various circumstances have led to my purchasing a Nexus phone running the Android OS. This will lead to new adventures. One thing I have already learned is that the MyGlass app isn’t readily available abroad. If you do have it, I don’t think you could consider it reliable. ¬†Today I tried to get directions to a store in Venice, Italy. Glass gave me results for a noodle place in Tokyo. Sadly, it couldn’t provide driving directions (the default). Even more sadly, that place looked tasty!

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